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Huizenga: 'It's not over,' citizens are still 'trapped' in Afghanistan

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A former Afghan interpreter now living in West Michigan is pleading for help in getting his fiancée out of Afghanistan, according to U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-Zeeland). Huizenga says the man, who he refers to as “M” due to security reasons, is one of several people who have called his office asking for help getting family members out of the country now overtaken by the Taliban. “He was one of the...

WZZM: Huizenga Discusses Example of Those Left Behind in Afghanistan

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President Biden is promising America's fight against terrorism will not stop with the end of the war. He says it's moved to - what's called - "over-the-horizon" capabilities. They'll use drone strikes to target terrorists organizations without American boots on the ground. The Taliban has now taken over the country with millions of dollars worth of weapons and military hardware given to the Afgha...

WOOD Radio: Huizenga Discusses West Michigan Residents Trapped in Afghanistan

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This morning, Congressman Huizenga joined WOOD Radio's morning show to talk about the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. Specifically, Rep. Huizenga discusses some of the calls he has received from West Michigan constituents trapped in Afghanistan as well as the President's decision to abandon Bagram air Base and how doing so was a tactical mistake. To listen to the full interview, click here...

WZZM: Huizenga talks Afghanistan Withdrawal, Need to Safely Evac Americans and our Afghan Allies

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Congressman Bill Huizenga was in a security briefing on Afghanistan Tuesday morning. He says there was widespread, bipartisan condemnation of the idea that the US could finish evacuations by Aug. 31. He says there are still countless people who need to get out, including Americans from right here in West Michigan. "I had two people yesterday who are constituents in the second district who had ema...

VIDEO: Huizenga discusses the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and President Biden’s failure to lead

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Last night, Congressman Huizenga spoke to Rick Albin about the ongoing debacle in Afghanistan. During the interview, Huizenga reiterated his call for Secretary of State Blinken and General Milley to resign and called on President Biden to set clear parameters with punitive actions should the Taliban attack American troops, citizens, or our allies. Huizenga also explained how it was a failure of le...

WZZM: Huizenga reacts to latest US-Canada Border Update

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Yesterday, Congressman Bill Huizenga sat down with WZZM for a discussion about Americans being able to travel by land into Canada, but President Biden failing to reopen the border to Canadians. This failure by the Administration hurts families, small businesses, and communities across Michigan as well as our economy. You can watch the interview below.

Freep: Biden's move on US-Canada border could have more to do with Mexico border

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After last week's surprise announcement that the U.S. border with Canada would remain closed to nonessential travel until at least Aug. 21, quiet speculation — and consternation — has been rampant that problems along the southern border may be to blame. The concern is that, even though Canadian vaccine rates have surpassed those in the U.S., the Biden administration is wary of opening the northern...

Huizenga Op-Ed in The Hill: Let's Level the Playing Field for Small Businesses

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U.S. small businesses were among the hardest hit by the pandemic. Many were shut down by state and local governments while their employees were displaced, and their customers barred from entry. Meanwhile, their business was diverted to “essential” big box stores and Amazon and their supply and distribution chains were disrupted. Now, small businesses are also struggling because they must compete w...

Detroit News Editorial Board: Ease travel ban with Canada

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The COVID wall that has blocked travel between the United States and Canada for 16 months should come down. As post-pandemic life resumes most of its normal activity, foreign travel should be restored as well. America's northern border remains closed to tourist traffic. If the travel ban remains in place through the rest of the year, it will come at an estimated cost of $175 billion and 1.1 millio...

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