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International Affairs and Canada


Whether we like it or not, the United States is the world's only superpower and a beacon of freedom to those under the thumb of dictators and tyrants. With that position we have the responsibility to help solve the world's disruptive conflicts and advance the cause of human liberty.  As we have seen from events in Egypt, Libya, Iran and a host of other countries, repression is not a form of government and people living under such brutal regimes yearn for freedom and democracy.  Our leadership and support to these movements can make a difference in promoting peace and prosperity.

The Middle East in particular has faced many challenges and struggles, not the least of which is the search for lasting peace between Israel and Palestine.  I am a firm believer that any lasting peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian people must be achieved by the two parties and not dictated by a third party, even the United States. As a leader with a strategic interest in the region, we certainly have a role to play. However, I do not believe that includes dictating the terms of any peace agreement between the two parties.

Assistance to foreign countries from the United States is not a right, but we cannot ignore hunger, poverty and disease, and we have a stake in the development of democratic and peaceful governments. To the extent that foreign aid and assistance programs are effective in alleviating suffering and promoting positive transformations, we should be willing to provide resources.  Foreign aid is an essential tool in achieving our long-term foreign policy objectives and protecting our national security. 

Canada and America, and especially Michigan, share a special trade relationship. Canada is America’s largest trading partner, and of the 50 states, Michigan is the leader in trade with our neighbor to the north. I believe it is important to continue a strong working relationship with Canada, not only on trade but on other regional issues as well. The Great Lakes are a natural treasure we share and have a responsibility to protect. I will fight to protect our lakes from the Asian carp.

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