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Huizenga Selected to Chair Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee on House Financial Services Committee

Today, Congressman Bill Huizenga (MI-04) was named Chairman of the House Financial Services Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee. This Subcommittee will oversee all agencies, departments, programs and matters within the Financial Services Committee’s jurisdiction. Federal agencies under the purview of the Financial Service Committee include: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the Federal Reserve, the Department of Treasury, and the Government Sponsored Enterprises (Fannie & Freddie) to name a few. 

“Over the last two years under the Biden Administration, financial regulators have created a complicated, overburdensome, and often arbitrary regulatory structure that has stifled economic growth and hindered small business job creation, all while failing to protect Americans from bad actors,” said Congressman Bill Huizenga. “I am honored to serve as the Chairman of the House Financial Services Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee in the 118th Congress. I want to thank Chairman McHenry for his trust and confidence in driving our committee's oversight and investigative agenda. I look forward to leading the fight against this Administration’s repeated attempts to ignore Congressional oversight. Today is a good day for the American people, and a bad day for bureaucrats in Washington.”

Upon naming Congressman Huizenga as Subcommittee Chair, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Patrick McHenry said, “Congressman Bill Huizenga has been a capable leader on the Financial Services Committee for years, including his tenure as the leader of the Capital Markets Subcommittee. His wealth of Committee experience is why he will make an excellent Chairman of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee at such a critical time. Republicans will take our oversight responsibilities seriously after two years of Democrats giving the Biden Administration a free pass from Congressional oversight. Now, under Republican leadership, I look forward to working with Bill to finally hold President Biden and his rogue financial regulators accountable.”
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