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Huizenga: The US must innovate, create opportunity, and use sanctions to confront and change China's behavior

During a Financial Services Committee hearing, Congressman Bill Huizenga explained how the United States must not only address the challenges China creates but confront them. Huizenga detailed that America must rely on its strengths of innovation and entrepreneurship that continue to power our economy. Additionally, Huizenga discusses that China must be held accountable for its actions when it cheats through sanctions. In order to change China’s behavior, Huizenga drives home that measures and expectations must be targeted at what China will actually react to. The video of Huizenga’s remarks as well as highlights from yesterday’s hearing are available below.  

This is why we are all here. It’s to make sure our kids and our grandkids have a better future than what we have. I did hear a couple of common themes today.

One, China cheats. This is China writ large. It could be the Chinese Communist Party. It could be the Chinese army. It could be all the businesses entities that are either shell or might be partially related or whatever they are, but we know that China does cheat. We also know that China controls things as much as they possibly can. We know that China is out for China. They are not our for their investors. They are not out for their citizens. They are not out for the world economy. They are out for China and their way of life and their governmental structure. What does get China’s attention is sanctions and economic pressure. Sanctions and a strong robust U.S. economy that not just compete, but can actually outdo. Can offer even better options than they can and not just in our country but around the world.

We need a positive environment for our entrepreneurs, our innovators, our risk-takers, the things that have made the United States such a powerful force in this world and a force for good by the way. There are more people that have been lifted out of poverty with capitalism versus socialism or communism. There are more opportunities that have happened across the board for every citizen of any country that has taken the route to embrace capitalism.

We need to be conscious of this. We need to maintain our edge by creating an environment where individuals and innovators succeed, because when they succeed we succeed as a nation.

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