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Huizenga Calls for Tax Certainty for Small Businesses & 1099 Employees, Presses Secretary Yellen on Educational and Economic Impact of Closed Schools

Yesterday afternoon, Congressman Bill Huizenga (MI-02) read a constituent letter from a West Michigan CPA to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen calling for tax filing alignment and certainty. Recently, the IRS announced the federal filing deadline for 2020 was moved to May 17th. However, taxpayers who are required to file quarterly estimates for 2021 are still required to have those payments in by April 15th.

In response to the letter from the West Michigan CPA, Secretary Yellen stated “high income taxpayers” were the basis for not moving the deadline for estimates. Huizenga quickly responded saying anyone who is in seasonal work, construction, a small business owner, or is a 1099 employee make estimates and many of these individuals are not these so-called “high income” earners.

“By not moving the estimates deadline for small businesses, 1099 employees, and individuals such as construction workers, the Biden Administration is creating yet another unnecessary burden on middle class families across West Michigan,” said Congressman Bill Huizenga. “As small businesses continue to recover from the challenges imposed by government mandated shutdowns, the IRS should be focused on making it easier to pay quarterly estimates accurately. Failing to do so makes a difficult situation even harder for restaurants, landscape companies, and a host of additional small businesses who are trying to keep the lights on and the doors open.”   

Huizenga later asked Secretary Yellen about the importance of reopening schools and the impact of in-person learning on educational development as well as our economy.

“Schools across the country need to reopen and our students need to safely return to in-person learning,” said Congressman Huizenga. “The educational deficit of full-time virtual learning is clear. We need to do what is right by America’s children and safely reopen schools. If we don’t, these immediate education issues will lead to long-term economic issues in the future.”

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