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Huizenga’s Effort Helps Open Over a $1 Million Export Market for Michigan Cherry Growers

Today, Congressman Bill Huizenga issued the following statement announcing the exemption of a 15% tariff on U.S. tart cherry juice exports to Taiwan. The removal of this 15% tax will create more opportunity and provide significantly greater market access for both Michigan cherry growers and processors.

“Michigan farmers and growers produce some of the highest quality fruits, vegetables, and specialty crops in the world,” said Congressman Bill Huizenga.  “Estimates show that exporting tart cherry juice to Taiwan has the potential to reach over $1 million. This means more economic opportunity for growers, processors, and families across Michigan.  When our farmers and growers are able to compete on a level playing field, Michigan families benefit. This announcement is great news for Michigan cherry growers and the agricultural community as a whole.”

“The Cherry Marketing Institute (CMI) is a national research and promotion organization that works on behalf of Michigan, Utah, Wisconsin and Utah cherry growers.  Michigan alone produces approximately 75% of the tart cherry supply in the United States,” said Julie Gordon, President of the Cherry Marketing Institute. “CMI is grateful for the help it received from Rep. Bill Huizenga’s office and the FAS team in Taiwan to secure a CNS 2377 revision to include U.S. Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice and exempt it from the 15 percent tax. The U.S. tart cherry industry continues to battle for fair trade practices here in the United States and abroad.  This tax reduction will open the door for the U.S. tart cherry industry to be more competitive in the Taiwan market.  I was told by officials in Taiwan that this process takes ten years.  With the great partnership of USDA and Rep. Bill Huizenga’s team we were able to get the job done in record time.”

Working with the United States Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service and the Cherry Marketing Institute, Congressman Huizenga’s office played a key role in fostering conversations to level the playing field for American cherry growers and processors. The end result of this hard fought process was the elimination of a 15% tariff on imported cherry juice. The CMI estimates by eliminating this tax it will open more than $1 million to American growers and processors. According to CMI, 75% of the tart cherries grown in the United States are grown in Michigan.

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