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Huizenga Stands in Support of West Michigan Law Enforcement, Against Efforts to Defund the Police

Today, Congressman Bill Huizenga spoke in support of law enforcement officials across West Michigan and thanked them for their professionalism, dedication, and commitment to keeping our communities safe.


Congressman Bill Huizenga

Every day members of law enforcement put on their uniform not knowing if they are going to come home. These are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters.

In an era of heightened rhetoric, I stand here today to say Thank You to our women and men in uniform.

Recently we have seen a rise in attacks against police officers across the country and even in West Michigan.

This month, officers in Muskegon Heights responded to a domestic disturbance where two people were shot, one of them murdered.

A police chase ensued when a deputy encountered the suspect driving the wrong way. When the deputy tried to apprehend the suspect while driving, he was fired upon.

Multiple departments, working together were able to use a police cruiser to disable the suspect’s vehicle.

Unbeknownst to the officers, there was also a developmentally disabled woman in the back seat who was recused and brought to safety.

This incredible story follows a weekend where 11 shootings took place in Grand Rapids.

Despite all this, some of my colleagues still think that defunding the police is a good idea.

I am here to tell you it is NOT.

This will only hurt community policing initiatives for the very communities that need it the most.

So, thank you to the incredible men and women who serve West Michigan. We stand with you and appreciate your professionalism, your courage, and your dedication to our community.


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