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Huizenga Speaks and Votes in Support of Michigan Workers, Job Creation, and the USMCA

Washington, December 19, 2019

Today, Congressman Huizenga (MI-02) voted in favor of the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA). The USMCA passed the House with strong bipartisan support by a vote of 385 to 41. Prior to the vote, Congressman Huizenga spoke on the House floor discussing the impact of the USMCA on West Michigan, manufacturing, agriculture, and our nation.

Congressman Bill Huizenga:

I rise today in strong support of the United States Mexico Canada Trade Agreement negotiated by President Trump and his team as well as the leadership here in the House.

For more than a year, I have called on Speaker Pelosi to have this vote on this trade agreement. I am glad the day has arrived.

The stakes for Michigan are extremely high. One estimate is that 38.9% of Michigan’s total GDP depends on trade – the highest in the nation – and a staggering 65% of the state’s exports are bound for Canada and Mexico. Trade with our nation’s neighbors support more than 338,000 Michigan jobs.

Ratifying the USMCA will lead to more than $30 billion of investment in new automotive manufacturing in the U.S. and create more than 75,000 jobs for American autoworkers Passing the USMCA is also vitally important to our agricultural community.

Michigan’s food and agricultural exports total approximately $1.98 billion annually, and support roughly 805,000 food and agricultural jobs. This agreement will level the playing field for our farmers, growers, and producers and expand market access for commodities such as dairy goods, poultry, and eggs.

The USMCA is a win for Michigan workers, farmers, and job creators and I support this bill.

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