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Huizenga Votes To Protect Michigan Jobs, Prevent Harmful Sanctions on West Michigan Products

Tonight, Congressman Huizenga joined a strong bipartisan majority in voting to repeal the country of origin labeling requirements also known as COOL.

“Approximately 46% of Michigan’s exports, totaling nearly $26 billion annually, are shipped to our neighbor to the north – Canada. I am deeply disappointed that Canada is threatening sanctions on Michigan’s economy because of a law that has been proven to provide no economic benefit to the American people.

“The current COOL requirements threaten hundreds of jobs in the Second District and pose significant harm to West Michigan manufacturers such as office furniture makers, auto parts suppliers, and agricultural producers. By reforming COOL, the House has taken a critical step to prevent Michigan’s economy from being hurt by any potential retaliatory sanctions from the Canadians.”


All meat offered for sale in the United States must pass inspection and include a label documenting its safety for American consumers. Currently, COOL adds additional requirements on top of the mandatory inspections that muscle cuts of pork, beef, and poultry be labeled with the location of where each animal is born, raised, and processed. The World Trade Organizations (WTO) has ruled four separate times that COOL discriminates against our closest allies and trading partners. H.R.2393, the Country of Origin Labeling Amendments Act of 2015, was introduced to reform COOL and repair relations between the United States and its economic allies. Congressman Huizenga is a cosponsor of this legislation.
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