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Huizenga: Raising Taxes on Michiganders Isn’t the Answer

Congressman Bill Huizenga (MI-02) released the following statement after President Obama delivered his State of the Union Address and announced his plan to raise taxes on hardworking Michigan families and small business job creators:  

“Tonight, the President unveiled his plan to raise taxes on families and small business owners across West Michigan.  President Obama’s proposal makes it harder for the single mother in Wyoming, who is already working two part time jobs, to send her kids to college; makes it more difficult for the farmer in Hart to pass along the apple orchards and asparagus fields, that have been in his family for generations, to the next generation; and makes it tougher for the innovative entrepreneurs in Muskegon to turn their startups into thriving small businesses.

“Instead of raising taxes on hardworking Michiganders, President Obama should focus on working with Republican majorities in the House and Senate to reform our broken tax code, foster an environment where good-paying private sector jobs can be created, and address concerns over the nation’s growing debt and the entitlement programs which drive it.” 

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