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Jobs and the Economy


For decades, Washington’s spending problem led to a tax code that hurt American families, small businesses, and our nation's economy. In December of 2017, Congress passed and the president signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This bill creates a simpler and fairer code for all Americans. It creates and keeps jobs here at home while giving small business owners the flexibility they need to grow. Most importantly, this plan allows you to keep more of your hard-earned paycheck. 

With passage of this law, America can once again be the world leader in job creation and economic growth, and we can rebuild our middle class by making sure those high-paying jobs are created right here at home instead of in foreign countries. Since passage of this bill, numerous companies across West Michigan and around the country have announced bonuses, pay raises, new hiring, and more investments in the American economy.

Equally important is the size, scope, and efficiency of our regulatory structure. As a small business owner, Congressman Huizenga understands that poorly constructed and outdated regulations can weigh on job creators. Which is why he continues his work to reform and modernize our regulatory structure to help create an environment where both job creators and workers can thrive instead of being held back by their government.


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