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Weekly Column: How I’m Working to Restore Border Integrity

Border security is national security – and it is an immediate priority. The Biden Border Crisis has made every town a border town. Inadmissible individuals are being flown into our nation’s communities. While the Senate and President Biden refuse to pass H.R. 2 – Secure the Border Act, I’m leading the charge to shine a light on this secretive flight program.


A recent FOIA request revealed the Biden Administration has flown roughly 400,000 inadmissible individuals to the U.S. from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. This happens without notifying the public or elected officials when and where these drop-offs occur.


A subpoena from the House Homeland Security Committee revealed that an additional 1,600,000 inadmissible individuals are waiting for the Biden Administration to grant them entry.


Earlier this month, I introduced H.R. 8209, the Migrant Flight Accountability Act, to require Homeland Security to notify Members of Congress and Governors three days prior to a migrant flight landing in their area of jurisdiction.


The notification must include information regarding the inadmissible individuals on the flights, where they originated, how long the individuals will be in the U.S., the type of security screening performed, and the amounts and types of Federal resources spent on their resettlement, transportation, or relocation.


While federal courts have upheld the President’s ability to use his executive authority, the Biden Administration should not give the green light to the mass importation of individuals who would not be permitted entry into the U.S. through legal means and offer no plan for ever removing these individuals from the U.S. That is why I introduced the Migrant Flight Accountability Act to expose this abuse of the parole system.


I have continually fought to end President Biden’s open border policies and abuses of our immigration system, and I am committed to achieving meaningful immigration reform that puts America first.


Our nation has a great history of welcoming immigrants from across the globe. This tradition can continue, but only through proper legal processes. If you need assistance navigating a federal agency, please contact my office in Holland at (616) 251-6741 or in Portage at (269) 569-8595.

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