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Schiff Continues to Deny Huizenga, West Michigan Access to the Facts

Washington, October 29, 2019
On October 22nd, Congressman Bill Huizenga (MI-02) sent a letter to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff requesting access to view the transcript of Ambassador Kurt Volker’s testimony. Today, Congressman Huizenga released the following statement to address Chairman Schiff’s stonewalling. 

“Ambassador Volker’s testimony is not classified information,” said Congressman Bill Huizenga. “It is unacceptable that Chairman Schiff is stonewalling my request for access to a document that every member of Congress should be able to view. In January, Nancy Pelosi, Chairman Schiff, and the Democrat Majority passed rules granting all members of Congress equal access to transcripts and documents. By acting in this manner, Chairman Schiff is violating the rules of the House and denying my constituents and their duly elected representative access to the facts.” 

Congressman Huizenga’s letter to Chairman Schiff is available here
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